Retention, attrition, and mobility among teachers and administrators in West Virginia public schools

Some descriptionPublication Date: August 2016

Overview: REL Appalachia partnered with the West Virginia School Leadership Research Alliance to study retention, attrition, and mobility rates among teachers and administrators in the West Virginia public school system. The analyses are based on personnel data from the West Virginia Department of Education for 2008/09–2012/13 and district information for the same years from the National Center for Education Statistics Common Core of Data. The study describes average retention, attrition, and mobility rates and how these rates varied by teacher or administrator characteristics and by district characteristics. The report also provides average rates for each district in the state. The study found that although the educator workforce is largely stable, with about 90 percent of teachers and 88 percent of administrators staying in the same school district from one year to the next, attrition and mobility varied by several factors.

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