REL Appalachia Reports

Published Reports

Teacher Data Use Survey, Tools, and Administration Guide

Publication Date: October 2016

The Teacher Data Use Survey (TDUS) is designed to help education leaders understand the kinds of supports needed to promote effective data use to improve teaching and learning in their schools.

Retention, attrition, and mobility among teachers and administrators in West Virginia public schools

Publication Date: August 2016

REL Appalachia partnered with the West Virginia School Leadership Research Alliance to study retention, attrition, and mobility rates among teachers and administrators in the West Virginia public school system...

Dual enrollment courses in Kentucky: High school students’ participation and completion rates

Publication Date: June 2016

This study examines student participation in and completion of dual enrollment courses across four years, including variation by student, school, and postsecondary institution characteristics.

The Implementation of Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit Programs in Non-Urban Kentucky School Districts

Publication Date: June 2016

As dual credit programs become more widely available in Kentucky, this report provides much-needed information about how dual credit programs are implemented, particularly in nonurban regions.

Teacher retention, mobility, and attrition in Kentucky public schools from 2008 to 2012

Publication Date: January 2016

This study finds that although the Kentucky teacher workforce is relatively stable (with 85.6 percent of teachers remaining at the same school year-to-year on average), retention, mobility, and attrition rates vary by teacher and school characteristics...

Online and distance learning in southwest Tennessee: Implementation and challenges

Publication Date: November 2014

This report on the extent of and challenges to online and distance learning implementation in southwest Tennessee high schools finds that 80 percent of surveyed schools offered online or distance courses...

The effects of increased learning time on student academic and nonacademic outcomes: Findings from a meta-analytic review

Publication DateJuly 2014

Our systematic review of the research evidence on the effects of increased learning time reveals that some forms of instruction tailored to the needs of specific types of students improved students’ circumstances…

Participation and pass rates for college preparatory transition courses in Kentucky

Publication Date: March 2014

In a study of Kentucky high school students’ participation and pass rates in college preparatory transition courses, we found that most students did not participate in the courses…

Effects of the Kentucky Virtual Schools' hybrid program for algebra I on grade 9 student math achievement

Publication Date: April 2012

We evaluated the Kentucky Virtual Schools hybrid algebra I curriculum and found that the hybrid class format was no more effective at increasing student achievement in algebra than the traditional face-to-face format…

A descriptive study of enrollment in supplemental educational services in the four REL Appalachia region states

Publication Date: February 2012

In a study of enrollment in Title I supplemental educational services in REL Appalachia’s four states, we found that enrollment rates among eligible students were lower in rural schools than in urban schools in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia…

Aligning career and technical education with high-wage and high-demand occupations in Tennessee

Publication Date: August 2011

This report describes the availability of career and technical education (CTE) program areas in Tennessee high schools and how these concentrations align with jobs in the labor market. It finds that statewide, the average number of program areas offered in non-CTE schools was 3.6…

Participation during the first four years of Tennessee’s Voluntary Prekindergarten program

Publication Date: September 2011

We examined participation levels and trends for Tennessee’s Voluntary Prekindergarten program over the first four years of implementation. We found that the proportion of eligible children participating increased from 18 percent to 42 percent…

Superintendent turnover in Kentucky

Publication Date: August 2011

In this first detailed description of superintendent turnover in Kentucky, we show that Kentucky districts averaged one superintendent turnover between 1998/99 and 2007/08…

Estimating college enrollment rates for Virginia public high school graduates

Publication Date: February 2011

Using data from the National Student Clearinghouse and the Virginia Department of Education, we found that 62 percent of 2008 Virginia public school graduates enrolled in degree-granting institutions within one year of graduation…

Changes in the cost of energy in one state's school districts

Publication Date: March 2010

We examined how much energy expenditures rose in Tennessee school districts between 2002/03-2007/08. We found that energy spending rose from 2.6 to 3.0 percent of total expenditures over the period, but not all districts with the same characteristics were similarly affected…

The relationship between changes in the percentage of students passing and in the percentage testing advanced on state assessment tests in Kentucky and Virginia

Publication Date: March 2010

Our study finds that schools in Kentucky and Virginia with the greatest increases in the percentage testing proficient or better also have the greatest increases in the percentage testing advanced…

West Virginia's progress toward universal prekindergarten

Publication Date: April 2009

Our study found that the rate of participation in West Virginia’s universal, voluntary prekindergarten program rose from 26 percent in 2002/03 to 43 percent in 2006/07…

Preparing to serve English language learner students: school districts with emerging English language learner communities

Publication Date: June 2008

This report aims to help school districts deal with the challenges of newly enrolling or rapidly increasing English language learner students…

Assessing the likelihood that Virginia schools will meet the proficiency goals of the No Child Left Behind Act

Publication Date: September 2007

We investigated progress in Virginia public schools in satisfying the requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 that every student be proficient in reading and math by 2014…

Registering students from language backgrounds other than English

Publication Date: August 2007

This report seeks to alert administrators, school staff, and database managers to variations in the naming systems of other cultures…