Ensuring College and Career Readiness

REL Appalachia collaborates with regional research alliances to foster dialogue and conduct studies on topics critical to postsecondary student success. We focus on early warning systems designed to identify students at risk of dropping out of high school, access to online and dual-credit courses, and transition courses for students in need of remediation.

Goals and Objectives

REL Appalachia is focusing primarily high school readiness and success; college and career preparation; and college persistence and completion.

Reform efforts across the REL Appalachia region are unified by certain central themes: providing access to more rigorous courses, reducing dropout risk, and increasing success in postsecondary education.  In particular, helping educators understand students’ progress toward college and careers, and improving access to courses that prepare students for college, characterize these efforts.

Evidence suggests that successful college- and career-readiness initiatives can lead to higher rates of high school completion and postsecondary enrollment.  Stakeholders in REL Appalachia recognize that higher rates of postsecondary completion signify that more students are gaining access to high-quality educational opportunities and earning degrees and certifications that will prepare them with the skills and knowledge necessary for 21st century jobs and careers.


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