Using Data to Inform Middle School Improvement in Virginia

On Friday, June 21, REL Appalachia partnered with the Office of School Improvement (OSI) at the Virginia Department of Education to host a workshop on using data to inform middle school improvement. The purpose of this workshop was to provide participants with the opportunity to review their own schools’ data and learn more about how it could be used to inform school improvement planning and activities. REL Appalachia introduced and modeled a process for reviewing, analyzing, and synthesizing school-level data, offering participants time to work in small groups to apply the process to their own data. Participants also discussed the practical aspects of improving student achievement at the middle school level, with an emphasis on the role data play in the process.

REL Appalachia provided participants with student outcome data for their schools. Participants received mathematics and reading assessment pass rates for all students and student-subgroups as defined in the state’s No Child Left Behind Accountability waiver; grade level retention rates; school wide attendance data; and data on teacher credentials.

PowerPoint Presentation



This event was held in partnership with the Office of School Improvement at the Virginia Department of Education.