Using Data to Improve Instructional Practice to Tackle Student Learning Challenges

Roanoke, VA

**DATE ADDED: April 17, 2015**

Because interest in this workshop is so great, it will be held TWICE, once on April 16 and again on April 17. Thank you for participating!

How can examining student work in collaborative teams help teachers identify learning challenges, improve their instruction, and monitor students’ progress?


Middle school teams of 

  • Administrators
  • Key instructional leaders
  • Teachers
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Special education specialists
  • ELL specialists


  • How to identify underlying sources of student learning challenges—using samples of your own students’ work.
  • How to engage as teams in collaborative, data-driven dialogue to identify potential instructional solutions to students’ learning challenges.
  • From staff at Benjamin Franklin Middle School, how to successfully use data to address students’ learning challenges.

Aimee Evan, Virginia Middle School Research Alliance Lead, REL Appalachia

Mary Anne Mather, TERC, Using Data Project

Benjamin Franklin Middle School Administrative and Teaching Staff



PowerPoint Presentation

Handout 1

Handout 2

Handout 3

Using Data to Improve Instructional Practice Handout

Mathematics SOL Curriculum Framework, Grade 6

Mathematics SOL Curriculum Framework, Grade 7

Mathematics SOL Curriculum Framework, Grade 8

English SOL Curriculum Framework, Grade 6-Grade 8

Pre-Workshop Packet