Uncovering the Sources of Student Learning Challenges: Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Roanoke, VA

How can middle school teachers and leaders use data to uncover the sources of students learning challenges?

What do schools need in order to effectively use data to improve student achievement?

Learn about:

  • How to identify, analyze, and interpret data to determine the sources and causes of students’ learning challenges.
  • How to intervene with struggling students and monitor their progress.
  • What school leadership can do to facilitate and improve teachers’ data use.

Mary Anne Mather, Senior Facilitator, TERC, Using Data Project

From Northside Middle School, Roanoke, Virginia:

  • Lori Wimbush, Principal
  • April Griffin, English Teacher
  • Christina Hall, Math Teacher
  • Linda Shiflett, Special Education Teacher
  • Laurie Spickard, Data Specialist