Increasing Access to College Preparatory Courses in Rural Communities Through Dual Enrollment

REL Appalachia hosted an informative presentation on the latest research pertaining to dual enrollment programs and their relationship to high school graduation, college enrollment, and college retention. The panel included both dual enrollment research experts and school administrators with hands-on experience in dual enrollment programs. The presenter discussed common challenges that can arise in the implementation of dual enrollment programs and strategies for addressing those challenges; they also responded to questions from the audience. The interactive session focused on resources available to school districts to support their dual enrollment efforts.

Education Week’s blog focusing on rural education also covered and summarized the webinar. Access the Article.

Dr. Melinda Mechur Karp, Senior Research Associate, Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Melanie Stanley, Assistant Principal for Curriculum Instruction, Halifax County Public Schools

Dr. Linda Wallinger, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Virginia Department of Education