Improving Teaching and Learning through Action Research

Hazard, KY

How do you conduct action research, and how is it used?


Teachers and other educators interested in action research.

Learn about:

  • Action research and its relationship to data-based decisionmaking.
  • Steps in the action research cycle.
  • How to develop an action research project of your own to address specific problems of practice in your classroom/school.

Dr. Patricia J. Kannapel, Alliance Coordinator, REL Appalachia

Dr. Michael Flory, Alliance Researcher, REL Appalachia

Ms. Bernadette Carpenter, Instructional Lead, KVEC

Ms. Abbie Combs, Educator Effectiveness Lead, Appalachia Renaissance Initiative, Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative

Dr. Rachel Holbrook, English Language Arts Teacher, Johnson County Middle School

Ms. Michelle Scott, Mathematics Teacher, Pikeville High School