Virginia Research Alliance

VRA summary

Ensuring college and career readiness for all students is a critical challenge facing educators and policymakers across the country. In Virginia, a multipronged effort is under way to address that challenge, from rethinking expectations for high school graduates, to examining data on school discipline, to considering effective approaches to career and technical education, to helping teachers and principals use data to improve their practice. The Virginia Research Alliance (VRA) has identified specific ways that research and data can support the Virginia Department of Education, divisions, and schools to make evidence-based decisions to improve policy, practice, and, ultimately, student achievement. 

Goals of the Alliance

The goals of the alliance are to help members:

  • Use research and data to address problems of practice.
  • Understand and improve the quality and usefulness of student disciplinary data.
  • Develop indicators of college and career readiness.
  • Increase awareness and quality of career and technical education programs.

Research and Analytic Technical Assistance

REL Appalachia is supporting the goals of the alliance by:

  • Convening workshops on data use practices for middle school teachers.
  • Cataloguing and studying the quality of student disciplinary data.
  • Collecting research, policy information, and stakeholder feedback on college and career readiness definitions and measures.
  • Synthesizing and disseminating information on career opportunities and effective programs to prepare students for these opportunities.

Alliance Membership

Alliance members include the Virginia Department of Education, Pulaski County Public Schools, Richmond Public Schools, the Virginia Association of School Superintendents, and the Virginia School Boards Association.

All events are open to alliance and nonalliance participants.

Questions? Interested in participating in the alliance or its projects?

Contact Andrea Muse at .