Metro Nashville Public Schools Data Use Research Alliance

MNPS 1-page summary

The Metro Nashville Public Schools Data Use Research Alliance (MNPS Alliance) works with schools in Nashville, Tennessee, to increase educators’ abilities to use available data to enhance instruction and improve middle school students’ literacy outcomes.

Long-term goals:

  • Build the capacity of middle school educators to engage in data-driven collaborative inquiry in order to improve instruction and student outcomes in adolescent literacy.

Short-term objectives:

  • Develop a teacher data use survey and administration manual.
  • Deepen educators’ understanding of collaborative inquiry and its application in schools.
  • Increase leaders’ understanding of principal leadership strategies that promote teacher data use.
  • Develop innovation configurations for collaborative inquiry to support implementation of best practices.
  • Build the capacity of alliance members to develop an evaluation plan for measuring implementation and outcomes of collaborative inquiry.

Alliance members are representatives from the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools central office and Exceptional Education department, as well as leaders, administrators, teachers, specialists, and other school staff.

Questions? Interested in participating in the alliance or its projects?

Contact Stephanie Wilkerson at or 434-984-5540.