Kentucky College and Career Readiness Alliance

KyCCRA summaryKyCCRA summary

The overarching goal of the Kentucky College and Career Readiness Alliance (KyCCRA) is to improve the college and career readiness of Kentucky students. Specific themes of the alliance’s work include student engagement, dual enrollment/dual credit programs, teacher effectiveness, and instructional strategies and interventions.

Long-term goals:

Improve the college and career readiness of Kentucky students by:

  • Helping alliance members understand the use and effectiveness of strategies to prepare students for college and careers.
  • Building the capacity of local educators to understand and develop strategies to increase student engagement.

Short-term objectives:

  • Develop local educators’ understanding of the concept of student engagement, and build their capacity to collect and interpret student engagement data.
  • Describe current status of dual enrollment/dual credit programs statewide and in selected districts.
  • Increase understanding of how data collection and use can inform instructional programs and intervention strategies.
  • Develop principals’ capacity to lead schools in successfully using data to improve teacher effectiveness

Alliance members are:

  • Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative (CKEC)
  • Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE)
  • Green River Regional Educational Cooperative (GRREC) in western Kentucky
  • Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)
  • Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC)  in eastern Kentucky
  • Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES)
  • Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) in north-central Kentucky near Metro Louisville
  • Southeast/Southcentral Educational Cooperative (SE/SC)
  • West Kentucky Educational Cooperative (WKEC)

Questions? Interested in participating in the alliance or its projects?

Contact Michael Flory at or (703) 861-9557 (cell)

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