Appalachia Higher Education Consortium

AHEC Summary

The Appalachia Higher Education Consortium (AHEC) provides a forum in which leaders of teacher preparation programs, as well as state officials in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, can discuss how data and evidence can be applied to strengthen the training such programs provide.

Long-term goals:

  • Identify the needs of key stakeholders in the region and develop research-based strategies to address those needs.
  • Provide opportunities for members to meet regularly, share expertise and knowledge, and work collaboratively to help improve outcomes for new teachers.

Short-term objectives:

  • Compare approaches to new program certification requirements across the four states—Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • Identify the strengths and limitations of existing measures of program quality and consider the adoption of new measures.
  • Leverage extant data—such as data maintained by postsecondary organizations and state longitudinal data systems—to examine outcomes of interest.
  • Understand the existing research related to current or proposed policies and practices in teacher preparation.
  • Catalog state requirements related to teacher preparation.
  • Catalog features of state preparation program admissions requirements, accountability measures, and data systems.
  • Analyze data maintained by member institutions as part of assessing progress toward teacher preparation goals.

Consortium members are stakeholders in the quality of teacher preparation programs, including deans of schools of education, state agency officials, and researchers.

Questions? Interested in participating in the consortium or its projects?

Contact Chris Sun at  or 703-824-2790.


Policy scan: Approaches to evaluating teacher preparation programs in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia July 2015