Image of Tennessee

With 1,835 schools and nearly 1 million students, Tennessee has the second largest student population of the states REL Appalachia serves. Tennessee also has the highest percentage of rural students, with nearly 40 percent of all students attending school in a rural area.

An early adopter of the Common Core State Standards, Tennessee passed the First to the Top Act in 2010 and was awarded $501 million in federal funds in the Race to the Top competition. This allowed the state to undertake several projects designed to help students reach their full academic potentials. These projects include improving teacher evaluation procedures, increasing data use in classrooms, and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN).

REL Appalachia works with the Metro Nashville Public Schools Data Use Research Alliance (MNPS Alliance) to build teachers’ and administrators’ capacities to use data to inform their teaching, direct decisionmaking, and ultimately, improve student outcomes, particularly in adolescent literacy. Visit the Tennessee Department of Education to learn more about education in Tennessee.