Image of Kentucky

Kentucky is home to 1,583 schools and more than 685,000 students, nearly 40 percent of whom live in rural areas. Though Kentucky has a long history as an agricultural state, manufacturing is one of the state’s top industries; of the 50 states, Kentucky has the 3rd highest percentage of workers employed in auto industry-related jobs; in 2013, some 11.2% of cars produced in the United States were manufactured in Kentucky.

Kentucky was the first state to adopt the Common Core State Standards, in February 2010. In 2009, Kentucky had passed Senate Bill 1, which instituted new academic standards (the Kentucky Core Academic Standards, or KCAS), which aligned with the Common Core, and a new accountability system called “Unbridled Learning,” which established accountability models to assess the performance of teachers and principals.

REL Appalachia works with the Kentucky College and Career Readiness Alliance (KyCCRA) to address issues related to college and career readiness. Educators and policymakers in Kentucky are interested in strategies, research, and technical assistance that can help them prepare students for postsecondary success. They have expressed particular interest in information and technical assistance related to student engagement and dual enrollment/dual credit courses. Visit the Kentucky Department of Education to learn more about education in Kentucky.